Ventana Research: Acquiring Vivisimo Is a Smart Move for IBM

In a recent posting by Mark Smith, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief research officer at Ventana Research, regarding news from IBM about Vivisimo and Cloudera, he says, “Acquiring Vivisimo is a smart move for IBM to expand its array of tools for big data and its overall information management portfolio.” Smith goes on to say that given a perceived lack of enterprise depth from entities such as Google Enterprise Search, IBM has immense opportunity. In addition, Smith says that expanding the platform to support other Hadoop distributions, such as Cloudera, is highly important as organizations consider which distribution to place into production. Organizations, he says, “don’t just automatically use what is freely available from Apache. Having an open framework for its big data platform is a smart move for IBM, as it lets customers embrace and extend a range of software. By comparison, others, such as Oracle, are focused primarily on supporting their own stacks of technologies. It is a stark difference.” Smith further recommends that organizations considering adding search or Hadoop as part of their big data initiatives take a look at IBM.”

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