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A Framework that Focuses on the “Data” in Big Data Governance

Big data types, information governance disciplines, industries, and functions


  • Luis

    I do research about Port and Logistics from a Korean University. And I am wonder if you have such kind of ideas how to design a framework for Big Data Analytics for Port and Logistics Industry?

  • Sunil Soares

    Thanks Sumanda, Sorry it took so long to respond to you. I agree with your comments about the Z-axis. That was the intent of the graphic. You want to pick your industry/function (Y axis), then your big data types (X axis), and, finally, the information governance disciplines (Z axis)…Sunil

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  • Scott Livingston

    A well-written, thoughtful article on both the challenges and opportunities in the “Big Data” world we are now living in.

    Key takeaways: More and more of the data being created is unstructured data. Being able to quickly search that unstructured data is critical for a company’s competitiveness.

    Therefore, finding a search company that can effectively and affordably index and then query data is a mission-critical activity.

    • Sunil Soares

      Scott, sorry it took me so long to respond. Thanks for the comments…Sunil

  • Sumanda Basu

    Sunil, this is a good article. I have a comment on Figure 1. I think, Information Governance axis will be on the 3rd dimension (z axis) of the cube, and need to be renamed to Information Governance Discipline. I think it will be more useful to have capability (within a context) in Y axis, in stead of industries / functions.