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Business Intelligence in the Hadoop Era

Drilling through petabytes of actionable intelligence


  • Ellie Kesselman

    For business intelligence purposes, I am struggling to understand the benefits of Hadoop.

    ~ Hadoop does not have include visualization app, as far as I can tell.
    ~ To use Hadoop and MapReduce seems to require skills more typical of a computer science type, rather than a statistical analyst, operations research type or similar.
    ~ IBM already has wonderful products such as the amazing Netezza data applicance, which I had the pleasure of using a few years ago, and now SPSS.

    Is it a matter of capacity, or rather, computational processing power, that would motivate me to move away from an effective quantitative analysis solution, namely, a combination of Netezza, zOS, Oracle SQL and either SPSS or SAS, with MS Excel and Visio for final results?

    I know that I must be overlooking something obvious! This is why: Big data and Hadoop are mentioned everywhere, across the gamut of industries and applications.