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NoSQL Roadshow

December 6 in London: Theory, practice, and case studies

Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence and growth in NoSQL (Not only SQL) technology. This has attracted interest from organizations looking to solve new business problems, often associated with the volume, variety and velocity of data. There are also examples of how NoSQL technology has been used to bring practical and commercial benefits to some organizations. However, since it is still an emerging technology, careful consideration is required in finding the relevant developer skills and choosing the right product. These are not easy tasks, since NoSQL includes a wide variety of different products with different architectures and different characteristics.

Attendees of the NoSQL Roadshow will be offered a day of informative and intensive sessions designed to give them an overview of the changing landscape around data management, highlighted by concepts such as big data. After introducing business problems, attendees will learn how to manage these growing issues and hear first-hand how other organizations were able to solve their modern data management problems with innovative solutions using NoSQL technology. The NoSQL Roadshow in London would be suitable for CEOs, CTOs, and developers.

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