Big Data and Warehousing, Integration and Governance

Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative

A new book by Sunil Soares

This guide focuses on the convergence of two major trends in information management—big data and information governance—by taking a strategic approach oriented around business cases and industry imperatives. With the advent of new technologies, enterprises are expanding and handling very large volumes of data; this book, nontechnical in nature and geared toward business audiences, encourages the practice of establishing appropriate governance over big data initiatives and addresses how to manage and govern big data, highlighting the relevant processes, procedures, and policies. It teaches readers to understand how big data fits within an overall information governance program; quantify the business value of big data; apply information governance concepts such as stewardship, metadata, and organization structures to big data; appreciate the wide-ranging business benefits for various industries and job functions; sell the value of big data governance to businesses; and establish step-by-step processes to implement big data governance.

Sunil is a leading expert in the field and is the founder of Information Asset LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping clients build information governance programs, and a former director of information governance at IBM. He is the author of two other highly rated books: “The IBM Governance Unified Process” and “Selling Information Governance to the Business.”

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