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Announcing InfoSphere BigInsights 2.0 and InfoSphere Streams 3.0

New features and application accelerators

IBM has announced new releases of two key components of the IBM big data platform: InfoSphere BigInsights 2.0 and InfoSphre Streams 3.0.

Both releases include a variety of new features that promote ease of use and allow you to leverage big data without having to develop new skills. Both releases feature new application accelerators that are designed to help eliminate the complexity of building big data applications, improving time-to-value for big data deployments and leveraging IBM experience and best practices for implementation.


IBM InfoSphere BigInsights v2.0

  • Enterprise integration with InfoSphere Data Explorer (Vivisimo), InfoSphere Streams, Netezza, Cognos, and Guardium
  • Enhanced visualization, monitoring and development tools enable users across an organization to collaboratively leverage, discover, and explore large amounts of data with a new simplified ability to run and develop applications
  • Consistent user interface with drag-and-drop functionality, dashboards, and visualization
  • Application accelerators including the Social Data Analytics Accelerator and the Machine Data Analytics Accelerator provide the ability to ingest new, various data types (social or machine data, in these cases) to provide insights

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IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.0

  • Drag-and-drop graphical editor allows users to build applications by dragging and dropping operators while automatically synching graphical and SPL source code views
  • Improved visual application monitoring provides an instance graph that displays the application health and metrics, allowing users to quickly identify issues
  • New toolkits: CEP, Geospatial, Messaging, SPSS, Time Series, and Data Explorer
  • Application Accelerators: Telco Event Data Analytics Accelerator provides full application for transformation and analytics for telephone company call and event detail records, allowing telcos to perform revenue assurance or fraud detection in real time

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