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IBM Data magazine gets a new name and tagline to reflect the changing data-driven world

The emergence of data from back-end artifact to business driver has created some prominent new roles within enterprises—most notably that of data scientist. While there may be some super-men and super-women who already have all the skills and domain knowledge to be data scientists, most companies will fill this role through teamwork and collaboration between individuals with specialized skills in data management, machine learning, algorithms, analytics, visualization, and the semantics of the business data.

Because the new data management roles that are emerging right now extend beyond the traditional boundaries of IT, it is important to broaden the conversation and education around data to a broader audience: business owners, business analysts, visual analysts, data architects, data stewards, information curators, and more. In businesses that excel, data matters to everyone.

In a world where data requires the skills of individuals across the organization to become useful, effective, and actionable, the role of the IT department is shifting dramatically. IT must become a facilitator, distributing trusted information to the farthest corners of the organization. IT departments must also ensure that governance standards for auditing, data retention, data masking and privacy are in place, understood, and followed.

As the roles of individuals involved in data management have evolved over the past 16 years, so has this IBM publication—and today, we are evolving again. Our new name, IBM Data magazine, reflects the broader audience that is now involved in data-generating and data-driven processes throughout the enterprise. IBM Data magazine will provide a forum for all things data: managing big data, curating data, governing data, integrating data, securing data, analyzing data, transacting data, and visualizing data. This broader mission gives us a platform to continue delivering substantive, high-quality content on the latest data management developments and IBM advances—while reaching a new audience as well.

We look forward to continuing this evolution with both existing and new readers.

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