Driving Customer Insight Through Real-Time Analytics

Mexican retailer Comercial Mexicana speeds queries and gains customer insight with IBM Business Partner Appliance Technologies

Leading Mexican retailer Comercial Mexicana wanted to be able to connect with its customers in new ways—for example, using social media and personalized email campaigns. However, the company was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data in its systems—so Umberto Padilla, Deputy Director of Technology, turned to IBM Business Partner Appliance Technologies, or APP-TEC, for help understanding customer buying patterns.

APP-TEC proposed a solution based on the IBM® Netezza® data warehousing appliance. Padilla liked that the new system was fast and easy to install. He also appreciated the clarity with which APP-TEC explained the inner workings of the Netezza technology and that the Netezza appliance was self-contained, without any additional third-party software to install.

The new solution allowed Comercial Mexicana to achieve significant productivity gains; today, queries take minutes rather than weeks because the company is using accurate information that is available in real time. The speed of these queries also allows Comercial Mexicana to delve deeper into investigations about customer buying patterns, asking more questions and gaining more insight.

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