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I Am an Information Strategist

This new role draws on multiple business and IT disciplines to help organizations make the most of their data


  • Steven Adler

    Thanks Carol,

    I think there are already many compelling examples where an Information Strategy is transforming how industrial products are sold. A great example is cars, which are increasingly information delivery vehicles. Audi has Google Maps integrated into its Nav System with a “free” 4G data card included in the package to make sure the car is always connected to information resources.

    I’m sure auto manufacturers will increasingly use information products to differentiate their vehicles and knowing what their customers want and building that into auto design will be the challenge of an Information Strategist.

    Over the next months, I will be hosting events that focus on use cases and challenging audiences to help build Information Strategies. I hope you will be able to join us as I’m sure you have a lot of insight to share.



  • Lisa D.

    You message caught my attention, and looking forward to benefiting from your knowledge, experiences & ideas. Will plan to contribute to the transformation journey and support my teams and networks efforts.

    • Steven Adler

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. You can find some additional information about The Information Strategist on The Information Governance Community Website. We have a topic open with some content from our last meeting here:

      Happy to discuss further with you and see how we can help.



  • Carol Feuerriegel

    Well Done, Steve! The multi-dimensionality of the Information Strategist is often challenging especially for a corporate world that draws comfort from the predictability of ‘square pegs in square holes’. The only skill set I would add to your description is library science.

    Often undervalued (by me also), it is one of the few disciplines that successfully merges arcane levels of abstraction (Ranganathan’s faceted classification?) with the practicalities of operationalising information theory (disaster recovery for archival storage measured in kilometres and the PTSD-inducing rigours of ‘storytime’ with the local preschool?).

    I am a ‘lapsed’ librarian honing her craft in a government owned corporation. In any given day I can wear many ‘hats’ (Info architect, designer, programmer, ICT adviser, policy boffin etc) but I can’t escape the fact that at the end of the day what I do is exactly what I did as a bright-eyed library graduate, I put my customers in touch with the information they need, when they need it and hopefully enrich their lives in the process.