Architecting a Big Data Platform for Analytics

White paper: How to architect a big data platform by Intelligent Business Strategies

The emergence of new data sources and the need to analyze and gain insight into everything is having startling affects. Organizations are now in an era where the spectrum of data and the associated analytic workloads is so broad that it cannot be dealt with using a single enterprise data warehouse. They need multiple underlying technologies in addition to the data warehouse, each of which is optimized for specific analytic workloads, and these technologies also need to work together via a platform to help solve real business problems.

This analyst paper describes:

  • Big data and the evolving workload complexities needed to extract value from it
  • The need for an integrated big data platform that allows analytic workload specialization while also allowing for extensibility to handle more comprehensive end-to-end big data analytics
  • How the IBM big data platform addresses these needs
  • The advantages of using expert integrated data systems, such as the IBM PureData System, for appliance-like simplicity, rapid deployment and ease of management
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