Keeping the Data in a Warehouse Fresh

Introducing IBM InfoSphere Data Replication

Given the overwhelming volume of information in existence today and the relentless growth of information worldwide, having a “single version of the truth” has become more and more critical in managing data in the warehouse. If this is the current ideal operating paradigm, why would anyone need to replicate information?

Common requirements for data warehousing which are fulfilled by data replication include:

  • Low latency: Updates at the online processing server should reach the staging and reporting servers quickly
  • High throughput: It should handle the replication of a large number of transactions
  • Data availability: When full extract is prohibitive

As businesses today are realizing the tremendous reliance on real-time replication of data in their warehouse, they need systems that can handle a greater volume and variety of data, conduct a broader range of analytics, and deliver results faster than ever before. The introduction of IBM InfoSphere Data Replication demonstrates IBM’s mission is to provide the smartest, simplest, and most comprehensive solution for low-impact, real-time, trusted data delivery for the entire enterprise.

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