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The Next Big “H” in Big Data: Hybrid Architectures

Fit-for-purpose big data platforms will play together under virtualization


  • carlo patrini

    It is an interesting article.
    I’ve a question : what is the relationship between Hybrid architecture and Data Lake architecture ? (if any)
    thanks – bye -carlo from italy

  • alexchan

    will IBM be incorporating the recent DB2 bitemporal management features across its IMS, INFORMIX, BigInFO, COGNOS etc and also work with the HaDoop community on forming the “time travel” feature, and not only “time travel” on a single record as per DB2 fashion but also on each single data element that are not key/part of the key, without resorting to (over-)normalizing each of those data element in the type 3 history fashion ?

  • Tom Deutsch

    Nice work Jim