About Us

Throughout 18 years as an award-winning print publication, IBM Data magazine has chronicled the steady evolution of information management.

The magazine’s mission is to deliver substantive, high-quality content on the latest data management developments and IBM advances, as well as create a strong community of the world’s top information management professionals. IBM Data magazine vividly demonstrates how the smart use of data and information advances broad business success, providing the context that enables data management professionals at all levels to make more informed choices and create innovative, synchronized, agile solutions. The magazine’s clear, in-depth technical advice and hands-on examples show readers how to immediately improve productivity and performance. At the same time, expert commentary clearly articulates how advanced technical capabilities benefit the people and processes throughout an organization.

We’re always looking for new contributors from across the data management industry. For more details on how to make your voice heard, check out how you can become a contributor.

IBM Data magazine is produced by IBM and TDA Group, an integrated marketing communications agency in Mountain View, California.


Editorial staff

  • Editor-in-chief: James Kobielus
  • Editorial director: Jeannie Cramer
  • Managing editor: Terrence O’Donnell

For editorial inquiries, please contact [email protected]