Berni Schiefer

Berni Schiefer is a Distinguished Engineer at the IBM Toronto Lab. He has responsibility for Information Management performance and benchmarking, specifically for DB2, PureData systems, big data, MDM, and Optim Data Studio performance tools. He is a core member of the IBM System Optimization Competency Center (SOCC). He joined IBM in 1985 and worked on SQL/DS and Starburst at the IBM Almaden Research Lab prior to starting to work on DB2 in 1991. His current focus is on demonstrating and enhancing the performance and scalability of information management solutions for both transaction processing and analytics. His passion is in introducing advanced technology with particular emphasis on exploiting processor, networking (RDMA) and storage technology, energy efficiency, virtualization, and autonomics.


Super Analytics, Super Easy

Introducing IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration