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Chris Young

Chris Young, whose career spans 25 years with high tech manufacturing and marketing companies, has written for a wide variety of technology publications.

Borrowing from Science to Revolutionize Business Analytics

Borrowing from Science to Revolutionize Business Analytics

Intel and IBM collaboration delivers a quantum leap forward with 25x faster performance in IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration


IBM PureData System: A Giant Leap Forward in Delivering Data Services

Building your own database platform may soon seem very old-fashioned

Supercharging the data warehouse while keeping costs down

Supercharging the data warehouse while keeping costs down

IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) delivers superior performance for in-memory analytics processing

Bridging the Data Divide with RDM

Bridging the Data Divide

Using reference data management to reduce cost, complexity, and business risk

IBM PureSystems

Expert on Board: New “Patterns” Speed DBA Tasks

IBM provides expertise for DBAs in the form of selectable, executable deployment patterns


Hyper-Speed and Time Travel are DB2 Realities

Enhancements in IBM DB2 10 deliver high performance, low cost, and a big “wow” factor


Behind the Buzz About NoSQL

Do you have to give up SQL certainty and quality assurance to get NoSQL agility?

Check background

Informix TCO: The Facts Are In

Research studies put hard numbers behind the business case for Informix


Smarter Is: Adding Structure to an Unstructured World

IBM BigSheets helps organizations extract big value from unstructured data


Smarter Is: Boosting the IQ of Galway Bay

Marine Institute Ireland monitors conditions in real time with IBM InfoSphere Streams software