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David Birmingham

IBM Champion David Birmingham is a Senior Principal with Brightlight Consulting, where he focuses on solutions using the IBM Netezza appliance. David has two books on the subject: “Netezza Underground” and “Netezza Transformation,” available on, and drives the Best Practices sessions at the Enzee Universe. He has more than 25 years of experience in very-large-scale solution deployment. David and his wife Carla live in the Dallas, Texas area, where three extremely awesome children keep his life “massively parallel” with no additional effort on their parts. Connect with David on IBM DeveloperWorks through his profile or the Netezza Underground Blog—or meet him in person at Information On Demand in Las Vegas for the Enzee Best Practices sessions.


The Agony and Ecstasy of Scalable Disaster Recovery

Deploy PureData for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, to set up scalable disaster recovery


The Joy of Continuous Models for Streaming Data

Set up scalable, on-demand data processing in PureData for Analytics powered by Netezza


Embrace the Change: Part 2

How IBM Netezza technology removes the intimidation of artificial constraints


Embrace the Change: Part 1

When deploying IBM Netezza technology, don’t just shift gears; change the playing field


Stress Relief: Part 2

Exploit the simple-by-design characteristics of Netezza technology to avoid the slowdown of system stress


Stress Relief: Part 1

Alleviate the perfect storm of system stress by optimizing Netezza data warehouses

Granting a gateway to powerful analytics-part_1

Granting a Gateway to Powerful Analytics: Part 2

Consumption points keep the business intelligence tail from wagging the dog

Granting a gateway to powerful analytics-part_1

Granting a Gateway to Powerful Analytics: Part 1

Prevent direct business intelligence access to data structures for agile data analysis

Easing the heavy lifting of bullk data processing

Easing the Heavy Lifting of Bulk Data Processing

Generate SQL from a template, and voilà! Portable cross-database references

Dream Machines

Dream Machines: Part 2

If C-level decision makers cannot rely on scalable capacity as a foundation, building a competitive edge might remain just a dream

Dream Machines

Dream Machines: Part 1

C-level decision makers need scalable capacity, not overworked employees using underpowered systems

IBM PureSystems

Large-Scale Data Management in PureData/Netezza: Part 3

Scalable offload and reload, backup, and restore