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James Kobielus

James Kobielus is IBM Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, Big Data Analytics solutions. He is an industry veteran, a popular speaker and social media participant, and a thought leader in big data, Hadoop, enterprise data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and next best action technologies.


Saving the Planet

Planetary resource surveillance using geospatial analytics offers an innovative method for busting the bad guys


Cloud Has a BLU Lining, and BLU Has a Cool Hub

IBM extends the reach of next-generation BLU Acceleration to the cloud and beyond


When and When Not to Have Faith in Statistical Models: Part 2

In addition to empirical validity and beauty, authority and efficiency contribute to accurate statistical models


When and When Not to Have Faith in Statistical Models: Part 1

Criteria for high-quality, efficient statistical models begin with truth and beauty


Big Identity’s Double-Edged Sword: Wielding It Responsibly

Identity resolution and big data analytics enhance customer engagement but should be sensitive to privacy


Recommendations Galore: Part 2

The ubiquity and complexity of recommendation engines can create transparency and accountability challenges


Recommendations Galore: Part 1

Explore the analytics-powered process engines of the new economy


Twisting the Kaleidoscope: Part 2

Hybrid-centric approaches to big data platforms bring NoSQL into clear focus


Twisting the Kaleidoscope: Part 1

Bring NoSQL into sharp focus for integrating hybrid environments into a unified architecture


Sentiment or Sediment?

Governance of highly disposable social sentiment data can create a quality conundrum


Optimal Deployment for Big Data

Hadoop has evolved as a heterogeneous enterprise data warehouse for optimized modeling, deployment, and management

Evolving supercomputers in the era of big data

Evolving Supercomputing in the Era of Big Data

Will big data analytics propel supercomputing architectures into new frontiers?