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Paula Wiles Sigmon

Paula Wiles Sigmon has focused on data interchange, information integration, and information governance for the last 20 years. After earlier work in telecommunications and artificial intelligence software, she has held a variety of product management, product marketing, and other marketing management roles at TSI Software, Mercator Software, Ascential Software, and IBM. She studied at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and holds BA, MBA, and MA degrees from Agnes Scott College, Fairleigh Dickinson University and the University of Washington, respectively.


Measuring Confidence in Data

An IBM-commissioned survey provides insight into information governance implementation


The Orchestrators

Chief data officers find the right data, enhance its quality, and build confidence in it to drive business value


Beyond the Crystal Ball

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Many organizations are hiring data scientists, but do they also need information ethicists?


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Shattering the Data Governance Myth

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Context influences confidence in big data

Context Influences Confidence in Big Data

Data managers can learn a lesson in confidence from a can of tuna

Keeping your company out of the news

Keeping Your Company Out of the News

Protecting organizations from data leaks can guard reputations

The Big Data Paradox - More Data, Less Confidence

The Big Data Paradox: More Data, Less Confidence

Confidence is not an all-or-nothing attribute

Getting Started with Information Governance

Getting Started with Information Governance

Managing your master data

Getting Started with Information Governance

Getting Started with Information Governance: The Security and Privacy Approach

Protecting your data can protect your organization’s reputation