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Robert Catterall

Robert Catterall is an IBM DB2 specialist. You can reach him at [email protected]


Raising the Availability Bar

Elevating availability in IBM DB2 11 for z/OS is changing the game


Locking It Down

Capitalize on data security features available in DB2 for z/OS for rock-solid protection

Analyze Your Data Where It Lives On System z

Analyze Your Data Where It Lives: On System z

Why you should consider moving the queries to the data

Can You Control a DB2 for z:OS Client-Server Workload

Can You Control a DB2 for z/OS Client-Server Workload? Yes.

Imposing order on distributed data facility workloads

Who's Doing What in Your Database?

Who’s Doing What in Your Database?

Tightening data security and sustaining compliance with IBM InfoSphere Guardium Database Activity Monitor


Overcoming the Test Data Conundrum

How to securely and efficiently generate test data to help fuel innovation at your company

data going through monitor

Hey, What Are You Calling a “Legacy System”?

Put the mainframe into perspective—it’s a vital part of your business


Applied Intelligence

Are you developing smart and putting DB2 to work?


The Rise of the Developer-DBA

Let the database take care of itself–the DBA of the future has more important things to do


Securing DB2 Data

Grant privileges to a what, not a who


DB2 Indexes and Query Performance: Part 2

No new indexes? No problem.

Electrical processor

DB2 Indexes and Query Performance: Part 1

Weigh costs and benefits when considering additional indexes