Sam Lightstone

Sam Lightstone (@samlightstone) is a senior technical staff member for next-generation data analytics with IBM’s DB2 for Linux UNIX and Windows development team, where he works on product strategy, architecture, and design. Sam is the DB2 product architect for BLU Acceleration. His recent work has included numerous topics in hardware-optimized analytic processing, database language interfaces, data warehousing, autonomic computing, and relational database management systems. He is founder and past chair of the IEEE Data Engineering Workgroup on Self Managing Database Systems. Sam is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and an IBM Master Inventor with over 40 patents and patents pending; he has published widely on self-managing database systems and is co-author of five books, including the critically acclaimed guide to software development professionalism “Making it Big in Software.” He has a B.Sc. Eng. in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University and an M.Math in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He is a former competitive foil fencer on the Canadian national circuit, and enjoys cycling and playing guitar. Sam has been with IBM since 1991.


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