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Big data

Big data represents an opportunity to find insight in new and emerging types of data, to make your business more agile, and to answer questions that, in the past, were beyond reach.


Exploring a Public Open Data Project: Part 3

Learn methods to help ensure search results are accurate when using the openAPI for research


Exploring a Public Open Data Project: Part 2

Discover the pitfalls to avoid when using the FDA’s open data and the openFDA API


Target Behavior in Real Time for Effective Outcomes: Part 2

Drive marketing and business management decisions using a real-time, adaptive architecture


Exploring a Public Open Data Project: Part 1

Get acquainted with the openFDA project and its opportunities for data scientists and research


Target Behavior in Real Time for Effective Outcomes: Part 1

How real-time, adaptive architectures can drive management decisions for specific use cases

look-at-big-data-in-different-ways to-find-business-value

Look at Big Data in Different Ways to Find Business Value

There are many ways to view big data, but which way reveals the business value possibilities?


Key Considerations for Third-Party Information Sources

IBM experience with data sources fosters a timely primer as the number of external data sources grows


Monetizing a Crowdsourced Data Scientist Existence

Can project-oriented crowdsourcing initiatives put food on data scientists’ tables?


Data Lakes, Analyst Observations, and Reality

Fit-for-purpose architectures can bring business outcomes down to earth


Actionable Insight Through Cloud-Delivered Analytics

Discover how organizations in a range of industries use real-time analytics for smart business decisions

cloud-analytics-selecting patterns of integraton

Cloud Analytics: Selecting Patterns of Integration

Integrating data and processes in cloud-based big data analytics creates a synergy for adoption


Grappling with IT Challenges in Healthcare

Several obstacles may be encountered when applying technology to help improve healthcare systems