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Industry models

Provide integrated, interlinked and customized designs, or blueprints, for the banking, financial markets, health plan, insurance, retail and telco industries.


Data Warehouse Architectures for Multinational Organizations: Part 3

Look to organizational culture and strategy before technology when deciding on a data warehouse model


Data Warehouse Architectures for Multinational Organizations: Part 2

Discover three approaches to data warehousing that address reporting challenges for worldwide enterprises


Data Warehouse Architectures for Multinational Organizations: Part 1

Consolidating data across regions or international borders requires careful assessment of data warehouse models


When and When Not to Have Faith in Statistical Models: Part 2

In addition to empirical validity and beauty, authority and efficiency contribute to accurate statistical models


When Dependent and Independent Variables Are Not Enough

Why data scientists need other data components to build, measure, and monitor predictive models


When and When Not to Have Faith in Statistical Models: Part 1

Criteria for high-quality, efficient statistical models begin with truth and beauty


Speaking a Common Language

How big data analytics helps C-level executives in the telecommunications industry align their business unit objectives


Optimal Deployment for Big Data

Hadoop has evolved as a heterogeneous enterprise data warehouse for optimized modeling, deployment, and management


Cooking Up a Hadoop Implementation

A recipe for deploying a Hadoop technology stack in four to six months

Putting big data myths to rest

Putting Big Data Myths to Rest

Avoid giving credence to these misconceptions when making decisions about big data

Real time versus customer time

Real Time Versus Customer Time

For big data, how fast is fast enough?

Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow

Understanding the information supply chain