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Warehouse appliances

Integrate a set of servers, storage, operating system(s), DBMS, and software specifically pre-installed and pre-optimized for data warehousing.


Virtualize Nonproduction Testing Ecosystems

Deploying Netezza Platform Development Software offers efficient development and testing


Enabling the Impossible?

Next-generation in-memory computing in DB2 with BLU Acceleration can make real-time analytics possible


Data Warehousing: The Brains of the Big Data Operation

Cognitive technology accelerates understanding data to meet the demands of the now business


2013 Highlights: Big Data and Analytics

Happy Holidays to the information management community from the IBM Data magazine staff


Mining Data in a High-Performance Sandbox

Fulfill data analysts’ dreams with data warehouse appliances for in-database analytics and data mining


Stress Relief: Part 2

Exploit the simple-by-design characteristics of Netezza technology to avoid the slowdown of system stress


Stress Relief: Part 1

Alleviate the perfect storm of system stress by optimizing Netezza data warehouses

Data warehouse testing part2

Data Warehouse Testing: Part 2

Enriching data warehouse testing with checklists

Data warehouse testing, part 1

Data Warehouse Testing: Part 1

Conducting end-to-end testing and quality assurance for data warehouses

Is the Data Warehouse Dead?

Is the Data Warehouse Dead?

The role of the data warehouse in the big data era

Dream Machines

Dream Machines: Part 1

C-level decision makers need scalable capacity, not overworked employees using underpowered systems

ITG Analyst Report

The Cost/Benefit Case for IBM PureData System for Analytics

Comparing costs and time-to-value with Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance (ITG)