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Master data management

Create a single view of data that can help meet growth, revenue-generation, and cost-reduction goals.


Build an Integrated 360-Degree View of the Customer

See how big data helps personalize marketing, business strategy, and the customer experience


Pedal to the Metal: Appliance-Based Master Data Management

Midsize organizations can gain enterprise-scale benefits with hosted master data management appliances


Building Confidence in Big Data

IBM InfoSphere innovation empowers end users to understand and trust their data

Bringing information integration full circle

Bringing Information Integration Full Circle

Apply master data management to enhance the 360-degree view of the customer

No more excuses-improving business processes and decisions

No More Excuses: Improving Business Processes and Decisions

Your business decisions can be only as good as the data and processes that go into them

Hybrid MDM The Best of Both MDM Worlds

Hybrid MDM: The Best of Both MDM Worlds

Addressing the need for multiple styles in the same infrastructure with IBM InfoSphere MDM

Redbook - MDM and RDM

A Practical Guide to Managing Reference Data with IBM InfoSphere MDM RDM Hub

A new IBM Redbook

Getting Started with Information Governance

Getting Started with Information Governance

Managing your master data

Big Data at the Speed of Business

Big Data at the Speed of Business

Broadcast event replay now available


Putting Smarter Content in Motion for Better Business Outcomes

Using enterprise content management (ECM) to capitalize on large volumes of unstructured data


Smarter Is: Breaking Data and Disease Down to Size

How one Chinese hospital is using big data analysis to make the most of both traditional and Western medicine


You Catch More Flies with Honey

At IBM, the success of a massive BI centralization project reveals ways to win the hearts and minds of business execs