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Quality management

Keep business information clean: identified, standardized, matched, reconciled, and free of redundancies.


Delivering Big Data to the Business

Dive into a data reservoir for governed, self-service access to data and insight


Measuring Confidence in Data

An IBM-commissioned survey provides insight into information governance implementation


Taking Swift Action to Migrate and Consolidate Data

InfoSphere Information Server Ready to Launch for SAP Applications enables cost-effective data migration and consolidation


Beyond the Crystal Ball

Discover why data governance will take best supporting actor in 2014


Instill Confidence Through Solid Data Quality

A holistic information governance initiative can lay a foundation for confidence in big data


Sentiment or Sediment?

Governance of highly disposable social sentiment data can create a quality conundrum


Trusting Big Data

Make business-critical decisions confidently without delay


Building Confidence in Big Data

IBM InfoSphere innovation empowers end users to understand and trust their data

Context influences confidence in big data

Context Influences Confidence in Big Data

Data managers can learn a lesson in confidence from a can of tuna

Bolstering big data protection for confident decisions

Bolstering Big Data Protection for Confident Decisions

Create and enforce security and privacy policies for ironclad protection of big data

Defending big data insight

Defending Big Data Insight

Use integration and governance to establish trust

Big Data at the Speed of Business

Big Data at the Speed of Business

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