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Security and privacy

Protect information across the enterprise in physical, virtual and cloud, and big data infrastructures by understanding where sensitive data exists, safeguarding it in both structured and unstructured formats, protecting nonproduction environments, securing and continuously monitoring access to the data, and demonstrating compliance to pass audits.


Predict, Prevent, and Act on Security Threats

Nature of analytics: Security intelligence from real-time insight helps mitigate black swan events


Beyond the Crystal Ball

Discover why data governance will take best supporting actor in 2014


Information Governance Takes the Stage

Many organizations are hiring data scientists, but do they also need information ethicists?


Riding the Big Data Wave Securely

The rising tide of big data requires a holistic approach to data governance


Protecting Data in Physical and Virtual Infrastructures

IBM ebook: Learn how to keep data secure in the age of cloud computing


Tips for Securing Big Data Environments

IBM ebook: Gain a fresh understanding of security challenges for big data


Analyst Report: Exposing Hidden Database Security Costs

Utilize a framework to calculate the financial impact of a database security solution


Research Report: Controlling and Protecting Sensitive Information

Gain insight on security issues for sensitive big data in this Forrester Research report


White Paper: Integrated Security Intelligence

Deploy a powerful IBM software combination for preventing attacks and bolstering compliance

Bolstering big data protection for confident decisions

Bolstering Big Data Protection for Confident Decisions

Create and enforce security and privacy policies for ironclad protection of big data

Keeping your company out of the news

Keeping Your Company Out of the News

Protecting organizations from data leaks can guard reputations

Data Privacy is a Top Concern

Data Privacy a Top Concern for Business Leaders

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy Solution named a leader in the first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology