Call Centre Setup Using Android Phone With Enjay Synapse Mobile



There are two components of Enjay Synapse Mobile Answer.

  1. Enjay Synapse Mobile – CRM Module.
  2. Enjay Synapse Cellular – Android Application.

Synapse Cellular is an Android dependent Application which will work with Sugar CRM or any Sugar Variant (like SuiteCRM). It permits your Android cell phone to act as a call centre product. Eg: A get in touch with will come to your mobile, and a pop-up will appear in your CRM, OR you click on on the Number in CRM, and Synapse Mobile quickly dials from Android Cell phone.

You can also use Synapse to mail/obtain SMS. All Calls/SMS (Inbound/outbound) are logged into CRM quickly. Even the calls are recorded (Situations use) and recording is placed in CRM (Calls Module).


You get any phone on your cellular, and your CRM monitor will pop up the details of the caller.

  1. You click on on any amount in Seattle and a connect with is immediately dial from your cellular
  2. All the calls incoming and outgoing are logged routinely into CRM
  3. Call recording is also synced with CRM which indicates you can access phone recording logs from CRM
  4. Calls are recorded on the Android app, and they are periodically synchronized to CRM


  1. A browser on any Computer system for accessing the CRM.
  2. An Android telephone in which you can put in Enjay synapse cell app. Android phone really should be about android 4.4
  3. It truly is chosen to have each the Android cellular phone and the Computer system with your browser really should be in identical Wi-Fi. Having said that even if Mobile is on 3G and your Computer system applying Wifi, then also it can get the job done smoothly.

ENJAY SYNAPSE Element Record

  1. Incoming Connect with Popup.
  2. Click on to Call for outgoing Phone calls.
  3. Phone logging directly into CRM.
  4. Phone Recording file immediately into CRM.
  5. Ship SMS from your CRM, and it goes from your Cellular.
  6. If you obtain SMS on your Cell, it gets logged into CRM.
  7. All Calls/SMS logged into CRM are quickly linked (to Lead/Speak to/Account) and assigned to the certain person.

Rewards OF Employing ENJAY SYNAPSE Simply call CENTRE:

  1. No Capex needed for set up. No hardware or pricey program needed for installation.

    1. No Telephony Server (or EPABX Essential).
    2. CRM server not expected to be put in on-premise.
    3. No PRI Modems needed.
    4. No IP Phones required.
    5. No Cabling needed.
  2. PRI Problems
    1. PRI traces are tricky to get because of to Technical and feasibility problems.
    2. Calls performed from PRI traces are a lot costlier than GSM SIMs.
    3. Not suited for smaller Teams considering the fact that PRI always will come in bulk of 10/30 lines.
    4. Regular Budget (or motivation) is substantially bigger and not inexpensive for more compact teams.
    5. If some buyer lodges some DNC (Do Not Contact) violation grievance full PRI line is blocked – which signifies your overall Simply call centre is down.
  3. Other Positive aspects
    1. Each individual Selection is sure to Particular person Brokers. So no require of Intelligent routeing.
    2. Response premiums to landline (or Telemarketing) Numbers are constantly reduced. So calling from GSM (Cellular) Quantity boosts your opportunity of simply call pickup.
    3. Some degree of Call Distribution and Contact Queue can be realized using Cell Forwarding features (like if Occupied then transfer to other Cellular Range or if not picked up within sure seconds then transfer to another Mobile amount). Observe: These services are supplied by your Telecom Operator and not Synapse Cell.
  4. Technology Benefits
    1. All calls are logged quickly into CRM. Which suggests you get wonderful reporting.
    2. Missed Connect with Management (ideal from CRM dashboard).
    3. Get in touch with recording file right into CRM (Calls Module).
    4. Calls get similar to Prospects / Contacts / Accounts directly into CRM.
    5. Get in touch with disposition is selected right into CRM (substantially less complicated to take care of).
    6. Do Lead / Gross sales Administration also alongside with common telephony, which improves performance to considerably increased level.
    7. You are controlling everything on Massive Screen in the browser, which is substantially less complicated to manage as compared to Mobile device.
    8. You can have numerous strategies for several people (or teams).
    9. The big benefit with info stability, as you are not giving Excel documents to callers, but you are uploading it securely. Buyers can only originate calls, and they cannot down load all the info.
  5. Great Reporting
    1. User intelligent calls.
    2. Total get in touch with length
    3. Productiveness stories.
    4. Loads of tailor made reports from CRM platform.
  6. Improved Efficiency
    1. Enjay Synapse Supports SMS and Email Templates.
    2. Manager/Admin can see dwell reporting and studies.

Positive aspects OF ENJAY SYNAPSE Cellular In excess of CLOUD TELEPHONY Resolution

  1. Cloud telephony there is always double billing for the reason that every get in touch with demands two channels.
  2. GSM Contacting charges are most affordable in comparison to any other cellphone line (PRI or Landline)
  3. The greatest edge is that You own the range. You don’t get tied up to Cloud telephony provider.
  4. If Client phone calls you – you see the Customer’s Selection.
  5. If you get in touch with the Customer – Purchaser sees your selection.


  1. Which Android OS are supported.

    1. Android 4.4 and over.
  2. Is Synapse Cellular available on iOS phones?
    1. NO, It is not accessible and No immediate strategies for releasing.
  3. Which Sugar CRM variations / Editions are supported.
    1. Sugar CRM. 6.5.x (Any version – CE, Professional, Ent)
  4. Which Suite CRM variations / Editions are supported.
    1. Any Suite CRM model which is based on Sugar model 6.5.x or previously mentioned.
  5. How to Purchase Synapse Cellular
    1. Click on earlier mentioned button for Demo, fill up the variety and we will link you.
  6. What is the Synapse Cellular subscription design
    1. Synapse Cell is priced per consumer for each thirty day period foundation.
  7. Can Synapse Cellular do the job if there is No Net link to Cellular or if My CRM is onsite?
    1. The only need is that both Cell and CRM ought to be in single Network. So if you have onsite Server and all your end users are area. There is no world wide web necessary.
  8. What permissions do I have to permit in my Cell System for jogging Synapse Cellular?
    1. Take care of Cellular phone Calls.
    2. History Audio
    3. Access Media
    4. Accessibility Contacts
    5. Entry SMS
  9. How does phone recording aspect function in Synapse Cell?
    1. Voice file is recorded and saved in Cellular device and then uploaded to CRM occasion soon after couple of minutes
    2. Voice of a further get together may possibly be feeble (this is thanks to Android Protection feature). Couple of unit may even not guidance the recording. Recording is effective quite smoothly on Samsung Mobiles.