How to Backup Current Settings Before Upgrading Android Homescreen


You need to be ROOTED, in get for you to backup all settings rapidly and very easily for a complete restore to a different construct. This is valuable when working Android on a Home windows Cell device these kinds of as the Hd2, you can very easily switch to diverse builds that appear out weekly. Retain in brain, this approach only for any Android device. It can back up all the things, property screen, widget to messaging, as well as your Database.


A. Download Titanium Backup» from the Android Market place
B. To start with time you open up the system, tick the «Problems?» button. it will down load the hottest variation of Busybox, included command line utilities employed to backup info.
C. Strike «Backup/Restore»
D. Faucet the «Menu» button or difficult button
E. Decide on «Batch»
F. Tap «Run» upcoming to «Backup all person apps + program data»
G. Depart all the things chosen on this display screen. We will selectively opt for what to restore in our new make. Having almost everything backed up means you will not miss anything.
H. Make absolutely sure «Eliminate energetic apps» is selected
I. Tap «Operate the batch operation»
J. Suggestion: Even though this is working, faucet the display every single now and yet again to make certain your mobile phone isn’t going to time out. just to be safe for any car-killers that may be operating
K. Restart your cellphone

Restore: after switching builds: Remember: If youre functioning in a WM device,down load initially the APK for Titanium Backup and place it in your Android Applications folder for quick obtain on your very first boot.

A. Skip as considerably of your new Android Set up screens as probable. No want to waste time here when it will be restored with Titanium.
B. Go into settings and established up your Google Account.
B1. Just after placing the account, established it to NOT sync.
B2. Be sure to do this Just before getting into the Current market, or the syncing will materialize immediately. The rationale for accomplishing this is to stay clear of overwriting it all with Titanium facts
C. Subsequent Go into «Configurations -=> Programs» and verify «Mysterious Sources»
D. Re-obtain Titanium Backup (until you had the APK in your Android Applications folder) and hit the «Issues?» button to install in your new develop.
E Tap «Backup/Restore»
F. Push the «Menu» button (challenging button)
G. Pick out «Batch»
H. Push «Run» next to «Restore lacking apps + all process details»
J. If you are restoring the correct same Develop:
j1. Click «Pick All»
j2. Choose «Application+Data»
K. If you are restoring a diverse Create or upgrading to a new model of a Develop:
k1. Simply click «Deselect All»
k2. Pick «App+Information»
k3. Select all Green items (These are your settings)
k4. Choose all Crossed out products (These are the applications not incorporated in your develop)
k5. Choose any other items you know are the similar in just your create, and that you want to restore configurations for
L. Press «Run the batch operation»
M. For each application that the install prompt will come up for, strike «Set up» and then «Carried out.»
N. Restart your android phone
O. On following boot, if you get «Trouble Loading Gadget» on some widgets, you will have to remove them from the dwelling monitor and re-put in them manually.